CVT-Constant Voltage Transformer

CVT-Constant Voltage Transformer

Electronics instruments, Machines, Computers and other microprocessor-based equipment are designed to operate on steady stream sine wave of 220/230V RMS. The nature of utility power is such that very frequently the equipment encounters electrical disturbances and voltages which are beyond the range of those equipment.
The quality of power has deteriorated so much during the past several years that today it is impossible to work without encountering disturbances. Equipment using microprocessors are especially vulnerable due to the degradation of the utility power.
The equipment when plugged into the wall socket outlet are normally located a good distance from the building service center ie. The place where the power meters are located.
Thus, in order to reach the equipment potentially damaging impulses generated outside your location travel through the impedances of lot of copper wire. Although this barrier serves to dampen out many of these disturbances the real problem occurs along the electrical path from the point the power enters your premises to your equipment. Between these points are all kinds of devices such as lifts, air conditioners, Fluorescent tube chokes, Photo copiers and in case of factories the machines. Any equipment that arcs, cycle on off, or draws excessive bursts of current becomes the cause of potential hazard to your microprocessor-based equipment.


The Solution :

"BILGON" CVT has been designed to give you total protection against power related problems and to condition the power to suit the needs of your microprocessor-based equipment. It effectively regulates voltage variation, suppresses transients (ISOLATION) and bridges the short interruptions/dips.

Rating: 250 VA to 10 KVA

Features :

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Very Fast Correction Speed
  • No Semi Conductor or moving part used

Application :

  • Telecom Equipment
  • Fax
  • Bio-med equipments
  • color photography lab
  • High Sensitive machines


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