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Power Select Systems Brand Name - (BILGON) is an ISO 9001:2015, company registered with NSIC, MSME, GeM, established since 1999 and is a manufacturer company of New Delhi. We manuacture Automatic/Sevro Controlled Voltage Stablilizers, Isolation Transformers, (Range 1KVA to 3000 KVA) and other power conditioning equipment's like UPS System, LT Panel, Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector, Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine and also Napkin Vending Machine.

BILGON is one of the leadig manufactures and exporters of power conditioning products in the industry. It has aslo made renowned presence in the domestic as well as international market. BILGON are the certified organization with more than "Two Decade" of experience. We has come out in diverse option of output and input voltage range fit for different etc. That have been used in imported and indigenous instrument, machines and gadgets. BILGON stabilizers are proced affordably and the manufactures are highly concerned about meeting the quality standards. For the safety of the electrician and power backup for lighting and equipment, we have dedicated expert team at BILGON. We have a wide network of dealers across India who continuously makes effort to promote and market our product.

Why choose us - BILGON is the magnificent brand of Power Select Systems successfully contributing the air, water and power qulaity needs. We follow and encourage the public to promote a greener envirenment.
It's the best choice to select BILGON because :-

  1. We are the most leading manufacturers and suppliers of power-conditioning and power-saving products.
  2. Our valuable products and services are standard, reliable, energy-efficient and popular.
  3. We provide our products and services to diversified customers ata affordable competitve prices.
  4. Our services are always standard, reliable, and on-time.
  5. Power Slect Systems always moves ahead to stisfy our customers with their desired solution. Just make a all, email, or visit us to grab the ourstanding products and services from us.

Vision - Our vision is to work and innovative continuously in the area of power conditioning and that is why we consider every order received from our customers whether big or small as opportunity to provide them with reliable and best performing which will helo them achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

Mission - Our mission is to bring forth the upcoming quality standards have established us at the most complished supplier of power control products. We make every effort to develop amicably, long lasting relation with our customers. Our job is to make your job easier. We have decided to reach up to rural level and to expand we invite you to join us an entrepreneur with commitment towards growth. In turn, we promise you exponential growth with good returns.

Quality - Talking about the quality of BILGON Stabilizers are fabricated with high-grade materials to eensure string durable to withstand serve environmental conditions. BILGON stabilizer offers protection against over load, short circuit, under voltage, over voltage and other specific requirements. Our Stabilizers & Transformers are widely used in various industry settings like flour mills, cement plants, pharmaceutical units, engineering units, multiplexes, cold storage, paper mills, rolling mills etc....

BILGON is priced reasonalbly and as a servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer, we take the responsibility of meeting quality standards. The key objective that BILGON focuses on is to evelop products that are releant, affordable, easy to maintain and offer true value for money to the end users. In the market of Servo Voltage Stabilizers manufactures, we have made a name for ourselves. The transformers of servo voltage stabilizer are manufactured by copper wound on CRGO lamination. BILGON being a manufacturers &exporters of Servo Voltage Stabilizers & Transformers never compromised with quality & have always complied by the rules of the government. As a Servo Stabilizer and transformers manuacturer, we take gurantee that our products quality for specification and test.

Infrastructure - Our infrastructure is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes high technology and quipment like power analysers, digital scopes, waveform generator, curve tracer, protocol analyser, spectrum analysers, brake dyanmometer, emulator and simulator for DSP & Micro controller applicant, and programmable power supplies. Our significant enables BILGON to develop design capabilities that are at par with internation standards.

BILGON has attained a remarkable place in the global market creating unequalled products.

This has occurred to combination of factors, chief among them the quality and reliability fo our products, unconditional guarantee, user friendliness, sensible procing. efficient services, wide national network, global presence with reliable country wide sales and support services and more important us to keep a pace with internationa developent in their field worth constatnt up-gradation technology.

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